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Supercar Sunday is from 7am-10am EVERY SUNDAY. Please observe all rules of the road. ”Supercar Sunday” is a registered trademark, use of the name “Supercar Sunday” may not be used for any purposes.

Please contact Dustin Troyan for any questions or comments:  Dustin@connectedmediagroup.com

Supercar Sunday is a weekly event whereby auto enthusiasts gather to share their amazing vehicles and camaraderie. Supercar Sunday is presented and sponsored by The Keyes Automotive Group.   Supercar Sunday was founded and organized by Dustin Troyan. Many of us know Dustin from the Motor4toys Charitable Foundation (www.motor4toys.com) and from the Drivenworld.com website and monthly magazine.

Supercar Sunday is an event that brings every type of person and vehicle together to share the passion of the automobile and motorsports. You will often find the world’s rarest and most expensive cars parked right next to a rusty old 68 Camaro. Supercar Sunday is a wonderful community event where celebrities and fabricators walk around and bench race with us “normal guys”, kick tires and take pictures with fellow enthusiasts. It is often the case that tourists from all over the world visit SCS and are blown away with variety and vast numbers of vehicles and people attending.

The official Supercar Sunday online forum for is: www.Drivenworld.com.

Please register and visit regularly. There will be updates and special offers for all Drivenworld members.



Dustin brought this whole thing together.

Dustin Troyan is the President and Founder of the Motor4Toys Charitable Foundation, dedicated to helping children. He is the President of the Topanga Area Police Foundation. He is also a Board Member oft he Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriffs Foundation and  He is the Founder and President of Connected Media Group LLC, a media-marketing business with a focus on the Automotive Segment. For the last almost twenty years, he has put on a weekly car show called Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills, California. Dustin is the Publisher of Driven World a monthly automotive magazine in print and online.  Dustin is an active community member, happily married with two daughters, and an aficionado of bright orange hats.   He is the father of two daughters, Scarlett and Ava and happily married to his amazing wife Heather.