Welcome to Supercar Sunday

Supercar Sunday is the only weekly car show in the world that offers such amazing automotive diversity and passion.

From the rarest and most exotic cars from the world over, to the hottest hot rods, muscle cars, imports, “one offs” and just about everything else, they all visist Supercar Sunday weekly.    Supercar Sunday illustrates the passion of the automobile and amazing camaraderie of the automotive community.  At Supercar Sunday you never know who will attend and with what;  From celebrities to race car drivers to designers to us regular guys, at Supercar Sunday  is always full of surprises.  It is the place to be see and be seen if you are an automotive enthusiast.

If you are attending Supercar Sunday, we would like you to recognize that this is a “community event.”  Being such, please DO NOT: race, peel out, rev, play loud music or act in an inappropriate manner.  We are very proud to have great standing in our community and we plan on keeping it.  Further, please appreciate the property that we are on as we are very grateful to Westfield Promenade for leasing the location to us.

We would also like to thank Tony Schwartz with THE AUTO GALLERY for not only being our official sponsor, but for facilitating the relationship with Westfield.  Tony went above and beyond to help us with our location and continues to do so.  Tony, thank you for your passion, vision and for being a great friend. is a monthly magazine that is available at Supercar Sunday as well as reputable shops all over Southern California (downloadable at  It is also the official forum/website of Supercar Sunday.  Please visit our forums at:  Please register, introduce yourself and post a picture.  We will keep you up to speed on news and happenings through Drivenworld.

Supercar Sunday is truly an amazing event and is a reflection of our wonderful community.  We would like to thank you, the car community for your years of support and passion and for making Supercar Sunday the best weekly car show in the world!

All the best,
Dustin Troyan
Connected Media Group LLC

Bruce and Dustin

Bruce has always been so supportive of Supercar Sunday!  I do not know of a  more passionate “car guy” out there!  Bruce, thanks for being so cool!  And, for sharing your amazing collection with the rest of us!  Kudos!

Jay Leno at Supercar Sunday

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The makers claim that this natural instability strengthens the muscles, increases muscle activity, calorie burn and blood circulation. They also say that it reduces the shock forces on joints which help prevent a variety of degenerative muscular and skeletal problems including back pain.

These are pretty bold claims but there is no doubt that MBT shoes are popular both as recreation and sportswear. A study by Sheffield Hallam University recently concluded that MBT shoes were better for the knees ankles than normal shoes. The study also concluded that if you walk correctly you would take shorter strides while walking in MBTs. Shorter strides would mean more steps and more expending of energy and this would increase your calorie burn.

As to the question of whether they are worth the money I suppose this has to be a personal judgement. If you spend long periods of time on your feet then you may benefit from them. However, if you are someone who just goes for gentle walks to keep fit then perhaps a good pair of conventional trainers at half the price will be fine.

MBT shoes and trainers are incredibly popular and good for your health. This article is a short review of these incredible shoes and also gives advice on avoiding the increasing number of fakes being sold.

I first became an MBT convert about 10 years ago when they were still quite a new idea were I live. Since then I’ve also tried other "similar" shoes such as Sketchers and Chung Shi but nothing compares to my MBT trainers.

Zhu Ying library World Wide Web news reports, according to Russia’s new network on March 17 reported that a spokesman for the Russian naval fleet on March 17, told reporters in Moscow, Russia, the fourth generation of the third ship, "Sen"class (885items) multifunctional nuclear submarines Will begin construction this year.

2011 a cruise missile submarine of the class "Severodvinsk"was completed will be built, while continuing to build called "Kazan"was the second ship of the level ofmodernization of nuclear submarines.

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Multiple Sclerosis is one among the widely afflicting diseases today. It can be interpreted to be a disease of nervous system where it worsens over a period of time with loss of feeling and loss of control of movement and speech. So, MS attacks the individual’s central nervous system that is constituted of different nerves and nerve fibers. It involves a threat to his brain,
Buy AuthenticWomens Running Shoes Free Hot Punch, spinal cord and eye or optical nerves. Basically MS hampers or destructs the protein that safeguards the nerve fibers. This protective protein is known as myelin and it aids in the communication between nerve cells. Once myelin gets burnt up,
Website To Nike Tiffany Blue, a breakdown occurs in the nerve cells’ coordination. Its effect is visible in the behavior (that drifts from normal to abnormal) of the individual. Along with this there appear lesions and plaques occur on that part of the body where demyelination takes place. But this is not all. Most often the cells that help in regaining myelin are even eliminated. The individual’s body then succumbs to damage and disability.An individual’s genes are the first and foremost factor that contributes to the risk of developing MS at any stage of life. Medical research reveals that the kids born of those parents where either of them has a history of MS, are largely prone to it.Apart from the genes,
Welcome To Shop Discount Nike Free Hot Punch Pink, an environment change is also instrumental in causing MS.Viruses of diseases such as herpes,
Hot Sale Nike Free Hot Punch Pink, measles,
For Sale Womens Tiffany Blue Nikes, flu,
New Style Nike Free Run Hot Pink, etc.,
Store Online Womens Running Shoes Nike Free Hot Punch, have proved to be quite effective in invoking multiple sclerosis. Actually, the time MS strikes the nervous system,
Womens Authentic Nike Free Tiffany Blue, it becomes manifested via some or the other indicator. For instance,
Get 60% Discount Tiffany Blue Nikes, as soon as demyelination begins,
Authentic Quality Roshe Run Rojo Fuerte Comprar, the individual may experience lack of balance of his body,
Find Great Deals Here Nike Free Hot Pink, tremors, a paralytic attack and so forth. Gradually,
Order Mens Shoes Nike Free Hot Punch, these symptoms translate to outburst of the disease.According to doctors,
Order Authentic Picture Of Roshe Run, there are differing types of multiple sclerosis. The primary is the Relapsing Remitting MS. As the name suggests, relapsing MS is that where MS dissolves or disappears but only initially,
Moreover, it recurs after a span of time. After relapsing, the disease begins to catch pace and so injure the spinal cord and brain. If the nervous system starts worsening right after the inception of the symptoms, it is Progressive Relapsing MS. Similarly there are Primary Progressive and Secondary Progressive stages of Multiple Sclerosis. MRI and blood tests are commonly advised to estimate the actual status of the disease. Besides the tests,
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bbc’s top gear gets a top dog Baskets PUMA sont port principalement pour des raisons sportives telles que d’un centre de remise en forme ou jouer une activit mais les hommes mettent sur eux pour put occasionnel sur trop. In reality, every sport has its own unique styles and identity that reflects through uniforms and logos. Best of all I can wear them to work and they look like regular shoes. The agreement, if approved by Congress, would spell a conclusion to among this electionseason’sMy Name is blessinglala, ik zag je profiel toe en word genteresseerd om meer over je weet, als je het niet erg vindt, zal ik graag om me direct contact met mij e mail adres, zodat we elkaar andere slagman kennen, i geloof dat de afstand of de kleur betekent niet iets, wat maakt nogal wat is liefde en zorg, dus hier is mijn e mail ID,

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How to Draw a Teenage Girl in a Blazer and Shorts,
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This teenage girl is boasting a retro look with 1980s style blazer and shorts,
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In this section, we’ll show you how to draw the above teenage girl. Either draw the picture freehand while looking at your computer monitor or print out this page to get a closer look at each step.

Follow the red lines in each illustration to learn exactly what to draw in that step. The lines drawn in previous steps are shown in black. Here,
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Step 1: Sketch a tipped oval for the head. Divide the oval into left and right halves with a vertical line to determine the center of the face,
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Sketch a horizontal line for the hairline about one sixth of the way down from the top of the oval. Divide the area below that into three equal parts. The first line below the hairline is for the eyebrows, and the next line shows the location of the tip of the nose. The ears lie between the eyebrows and the nose.

Divide the area below the nose into three more equal parts. The line below the nose is for the mouth opening, and the next line is for the lower lip.

Draw a curved line under the head to show the shape of the neck and backbone. Use rectangles for the chest and hip areas. Draw a line between the two rectangles for the waist. Form the arms and legs with curved tube shapes. Sketch oval shapes for the shoulders, knees, and ankles. Use wedge shapes for the feet.

Step 3: Use small curved lines for the eyebrows,
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Add a V shaped figure under the neck for the neckline. Draw an oval underneath it,
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Draw an uneven horizontal line for the waistband of the sweater,
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Step 5: Use squiggles to finish the hair. Detail the fringe on the scarf with short straight lines. Add straight horizontal and vertical lines for the pattern on the sweater as shown. Use vertical lines for the ribbing on the left sleeve and the bottom of the sweater. Finish the shoes with curved lines. Shade the neck,
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Way to go! But a fashion show wouldn’t be the same if there were only one model,
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See the next page for another fashion model, this time a teenage girl in a Vogue outfit.

Want to expand your artistic abilities,
Buy AuthenticWomens Nike Free Run Tiffany Blue? Learn how to draw these:How to DrawHow to Draw Construction VehiclesHow to Draw DinosaursHow to Draw Flowers and PlantsHow to Draw FacesHow to Draw CartoonsHow to Draw Animals

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Thanks to a jubilant crowd and sunny,
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The 66 year old who suffered a severe leg injury in the Boston Marathon bombing last year was the first to carry the baton at the California kickoff of the One Run for Boston,
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Original Quality Nike Tiffany Blue, before handing it off to his daughter,
Buy Cheap Online Tiffany Blue Nikes, Nicole Reis, who ran the first, 7 mile leg of the relay with about 100 other runners. Odom was at the marathon finish line waiting for Reis to cross on April 15,
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Official Website Nike Black Roshe Run Women, when the blasts took place.

"It’s hard to come up with words about how I felt,
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Odom’s left leg below the knee was paralyzed in the explosions that killed a little boy and two adults and injured almost 300. He spent two weeks on life support and underwent 11 surgeries on his leg after the blasts. Today,
Size 9 Nike Free Run 4 V2, he walks with a cane and a leg brace and must wear compression socks to keep swelling down.

In this,
Store Online Mens Shoes Free Hot Punch, the second year of the charity relay,
Where Can i Find Women Roshe Run Woven, Odom has emerged for the runners as the face of why they are doing the run,
Sale Online AuthenticShoes Tiffany Blue Nikes, but also perseverance in conquering the effects of the explosions.

The 3,300 mile, 3,
Order Cheap Shoes Nike Tiffany Blue,000 runner relay is the brainchild of three friends from the United Kingdom who watched coverage of the marathon bombing on television and felt moved to do something to help. running groups and an online mapping site to help them plan a route in a country they didn’t know. The grassroots effort started out quietly but gathered attention and steam as it bore East. Runners’ entry feels went toward raising $91.000 for the One Fund Boston, the charity set up to help those adversely affected by the bombings.

This year, the organizers are aiming to raise $1 million for the One Fund Boston and are having runners raise money for the charity. They have reworked the relay so that stages can accommodate more runners.

Sunday’s kickoff at the beach in Santa Monica included the signing of the National Anthem by the New Direction Veterans Choir,
Buy Real Nike Free Run Hot Punch, a singing group made of veterans who’ve been homeless.

About 100 people watched as the organizers and Odom said a few words and the relay began.

"I think ? people have used One Run for Boston to sort of move on and not dwell on the horrific events that were the cause and inspiration for why we’re doing this,
Shop The Latest Mens Nike Free Run Shoes," said organizer Kate Treleaven of Devon County, England. "Now, we’re looking to move on, help people overcome the emotions they’ve been harboring since then."

Reis and organizer Danny Bent helped carry the baton for the first,
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As they did last year, Treleaven and Bent will follow the relay in a car, this time in one donated by Toyota and decorated in the One Run’s blue and yellow colors. Each also will run various stages each day.

Odom and his wife,
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Big Size Nike Free Hot Pink, said they plan on being in Boston for the arrival of the baton April 13. Karen Odom said their participation is a way to thank the organizers for thinking of the road the survivors have ahead in terms of rehabilitation,
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Los Angeles style is strongly influenced by the basic mambo step,
Where Can i Buy AuthenticShoes Nike Free Tiffany Blue, swing and Argentine tango styles of dancing. Part of the uniqueness of this style is that the dancer emphasizes the first beat and combines two elements to the dance: the forward backward basic and the cross body lead. This style is very technical and requires intense dips,
Sale Online Authentic Tiffany Blue Nikes, flips,
Free Shipping Worldwide Nike Free Hot Punch, jumps, splits and spins. The dance is showy,
Mens Shoes Nike Free Hot Pink, theatrical and sensuous. Pioneers of Los Angeles style include Albert Torres,
Womens Running Shoes Nike Free Hot Pink, Joe Cassini,
Buy Online Authentic Nike Free Run Tiffany Blue, Edie Lewis, Josie Neglia and Janette Valenzuela.

New York style originated in the 1960s when Cuban dissidents introduced the mambo to the area. The style eventually evolved to combine mambo with New York jazz and swing. Percussion instruments play an important role in this type of dance,
Famous For Selling Cheap Nike Free Run Tiffany Blue, with the second beat being emphasized rather than the first. The intensity of this style is emphasized in the timing of the moves and its use of body waves,
100% Finest Grade Nike Free Run Hot Pink, free style and shimmying. New York salsa is mostly confined to the east coast of North America,
Free Shipping Authentic Nike Free Hot Pink, Puerto Rico and Central America. The ‘Jimmy Anton Social’ in New York has been running since 1933 on the first,
Sale Online Womens Running Shoes Free Hot Punch, third and fifth Sundays of the month,
Sale Online AuthenticShoes Nike Free Tiffany Blue, and provides New York style salsa dancers with up tempo salsa,
How Much Are The Nike Free Hot Pink, emphasizing percussion orchestration. Eddie Torres, Seaon Brystol and Juan Matos are all influential New York style dancers.

Cuban style salsa (also known as ‘Casino’) is danced in a circular motion comprised of different patterns of arm and body movements, including double hand holds. This style is danced on either the upbeat beats two, four,
New Cheap Nike Free 2.0, six and eight,
Womens Running Shoes Nike Free Hot Punch Pink, or the downbeat beats one,
Discount Nike Roshe Run Damen Black And Red, three,
Original Nike Free Run 5.0, five and seven. A major element of this type of salsa are the adjustments that each dancer must acquiesce to the other in order to perform the many turn patterns of the dance. The percussion segment of the dance breaks the partners into solo acts,
Wholesale Nike Free Run Tiffany Blue, allowing the partners to allure each other with sexual gyrations without physical touch. Casino salsa originated with a combination of the Cuban Son partner dance and movements from the Afro Cuban Rhumba.

Rueda de Casino (also known as ‘Salsa Rueda’ or the ‘Casino Wheel Dance’) originated in Havana,
Largest Best Cheap Nike Tiffany Blue, Cuba in the 1950s. This style of salsa positions dancers in a circle and follows moves called out by one person. Swapping partners is a common part of this dance. Rueda de Miami (known as ‘Miami style’) evolved from the original Rueda de Casino and is a more formal style that incorporates moves from both Rueda de Cuba and Los Angeles style salsa. One college group,
Order Online Cheap Nike Free Run Hot Punch, the MIT Casino Rueda Group was formed in 1999 by four dancers,
Here We Provide So Many Kind Of New Free Hot Pink, Brian Purville and William Melendez from California and Loreto Ansaldo and Aparna Das from Boston. The group eventually recruited more dancers and began choreographing dances for the Movements in Time Dance Company. Currently this dance group holds workshops and performs at various MIT events and off campus sites.

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UpStart, a new program designed to help aspiring minority and women entrepreneurs launch successful businesses, is being offered by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation in collaboration with the UW Madison Small Business Development Center and area professionals with expertise in fields such as accounting, sales and marketing.

Combining a comprehensive curriculum with the convenience of evening classes, the WARF UpStart Program for Minority and Women’s Entrepreneurship will offer two 13 week sessions in 2014 with classes starting in early February and again in mid September. The free program was piloted during fall 2013 with 15 participants and will accept up to 25 applicants for each session in 2014.

"WARF’s UpStart program is designed to be inclusive and we welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds and all walks of life," says Zach Ellis, a WARF licensing associate and UpStart program manager. "One of the program’s strengths lies in the diverse business goals of our participants we have people interested in technology startups, retail and service businesses and even nonprofits. What they share is a desire to put their classroom knowledge to use in a way that increases their likelihood of success."

Developed by WARF, the program is taught by instructors from the Small Business Development Center and other local business professionals. The program connects aspiring entrepreneurs with campus and community resources as well as a group of like minded peers.

The sessions open with a class intended to spur creative approaches to entrepreneurial opportunities. Subsequent classes cover topics ranging from legal and financial issues to market research, customer development, accounting and business plan basics.

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During ones youth balancing happens almost naturally, but the aging process can significantly impact on this important component of physical fitness.

When last did you try walk on a relatively thin pole or even stand on one leg? You may be surprised at the result of how bad your balance has deteriorated from childhood to adulthood; a major contributor to this would be being a . As far as brain is concerned, it gives you mental peace, keep you mentally fit and reduce tensions. Besides this, it also degenerate central nervous system which controls coordination. There will be lower chances of stroke. In this regard, we cannot ignore the role of Pilates. It . Recently, it has gained huge popularity among all demographic because of its exceptional medical benefits. The amazing outdoor activity is being enjoyed in every part of the world especially in European countries. Millions of people prefer the Nordic poles walking over running or any other exercise. It gives a great comfort while walking and act as a supportive system to boost the walking and increase momentum of the body. Walking . The reward of this is that you are equipped to aim on the crucial part of your leg stroke, that becoming the even distribution of workload amid all of your leg muscle mass. This trains your leg for the upstroke and permits the small, more compact muscular tissues to get a higher workout.

Some more mature grown ups will come to be significantly less cell simply because of their decline of balanc . If you ask people then everybody wants to be fit and in shape, therefore in order to get desired body they may do many efforts include dieting, join gyms, using heavy exercise equipments and many more. But do you really think these methods work? Yes, to some extend and for few people these methods work.

But can we consider these methods . The benefit of this is that you are capable to aim on the important part of your leg stroke, that becoming the even distribution of workload between all of your leg muscle tissue. This trains your leg for the upstroke and permits the minimal, lesser muscle tissues to get a larger workout.

Some older grown ups will grow to be less cellular due to the fact of their loss of e . The benefit of this is that you are in a position to concentration on the essential element of your leg stroke, that being the even distribution of workload among the all of your leg muscle groups. This trains your leg for the upstroke and enables the minor, smaller sized muscle tissue to get a greater work out.

Some more mature grownups will come to be significantly less cellular . The gain of this is that you are equipped to concentration on the important component of your leg stroke, that being the even distribution of workload amongst all of your leg muscle mass. This trains your leg for the upstroke and permits the small, scaled down muscular tissues to get a larger training.