Welcome to Supercar Sunday

Supercar Sunday is the only weekly car show in the world that offers such amazing automotive diversity and passion.

From the rarest and most exotic cars from the world over, to the hottest hot rods, muscle cars, imports, “one offs” and just about everything else, they all visist Supercar Sunday weekly.    Supercar Sunday illustrates the passion of the automobile and amazing camaraderie of the automotive community.  At Supercar Sunday you never know who will attend and with what;  From celebrities to race car drivers to designers to us regular guys, at Supercar Sunday  is always full of surprises.  It is the place to be see and be seen if you are an automotive enthusiast.

If you are attending Supercar Sunday, we would like you to recognize that this is a “community event.”  Being such, please DO NOT: race, peel out, rev, play loud music or act in an inappropriate manner.  We are very proud to have great standing in our community and we plan on keeping it.  Further, please appreciate the property that we are on as we are very grateful to Westfield Promenade for leasing the location to us.

We would also like to thank Tony Schwartz with THE AUTO GALLERY for not only being our official sponsor, but for facilitating the relationship with Westfield.  Tony went above and beyond to help us with our location and continues to do so.  Tony, thank you for your passion, vision and for being a great friend. is a monthly magazine that is available at Supercar Sunday as well as reputable shops all over Southern California (downloadable at  It is also the official forum/website of Supercar Sunday.  Please visit our forums at:  Please register, introduce yourself and post a picture.  We will keep you up to speed on news and happenings through Drivenworld.

Supercar Sunday is truly an amazing event and is a reflection of our wonderful community.  We would like to thank you, the car community for your years of support and passion and for making Supercar Sunday the best weekly car show in the world!

All the best,
Dustin Troyan
Connected Media Group LLC

Bruce and Dustin

Bruce has always been so supportive of Supercar Sunday!  I do not know of a  more passionate “car guy” out there!  Bruce, thanks for being so cool!  And, for sharing your amazing collection with the rest of us!  Kudos!

Jay Leno at Supercar Sunday

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In 13 Dead End Drive,
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Order Online Mens Shoes Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Blue, a game about premeditated homicide against your fellow players gets darkly personal in fairly short order. Either you win by ruthlessly killing all of your friends or you find yourself literally begging them not to kill your last piece,
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Your pleas to spare the life of Chef Pierre will fall on deaf ears every time.

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How Las Vegas is this event? If the running impersonators and the name of the event itself aren’t enough for you,
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But the Santas will, of course, be the main event. This is the seventh edition of the annual run, which has become one of the major fundraisers of the year for Opportunity Village,
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The first year,
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"We’re expecting a really phenomenal turnout,
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The run will be an effort to qualify for Guinness World Records,
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"Last year we were beat by Liverpool by just a couple of hundred Santas,
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If you don’t want to run, there’s also the 1 mile Kris Kringle Jingle walk. Those who do make the 5 K run will leave Town Square and head for the new Sunset Bridge, which offers a view of the Strip, before returning to the launch site.

There will be a few new additions this year, such as a free beer tasting by the Nevada Brewers Guild. There also will be face painters for kids,
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Advance entry fees are $35 for adults,
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"It helps to raise funds for Opportunity Village and people with disabilities in our community," Kovacs said. Several programs, job placement and art enrichment at the three campuses serve 1,
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And there’s another factor.

"It is a ton of fun,
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It not uncommon for soap opera characters thought dead to spring back to life. Now, a pair of soap operas thought dead are being resurrected.

Venerable daytime dramas My Children and Life to Live will soon be reborn online after getting the axe little more than a year ago by ABC, which had broadcast them for decades.

Prospect Park The Online Network has set its debuts of both long running soaps for April 29. Both will appear each weekday with new 30 minute episodes available to stream on computers for free on the Hulu website.

Subscribers to Hulu Plus can watch them on a variety of other devices. Episodes will also be available on iTunes.

Production began on My Children last month, and shooting starts for Life to Live next week. Both series are produced in Stamford, Conn.

Agnes Nixon, the soap opera pioneer who created the shows more than 40 years ago, is serving as creative consultant for their online revivals.

am so pleased that our dream of bringing these two series back to life is coming to fruition, she said.

Prospect Park partners Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank are promising and creatively ground breaking episodes that both the fans, as well as legions of new viewers, will love. new cast members, a number of favourites from the long broadcast run of each soap are returning.

Veteran My Children stars include David Canary, Julia Barr, Jill Larsen, Cady McClain and Debbi Morgan. Fan favourites back on Life to Live include Erika Slezak, Robert S. Woods, Robin Strasser and Hillary B. Smith.

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Matt Mead to run the Wyoming Department of Education,
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How Much Are The Mens Nike Free Run 5, whose appointment is subject to confirmation by the state Senate, takes over a department embroiled in controversy,
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Crandall had already announced he was retiring from his state Senate seat mid term to pursue his "dream job" of leading a school system.

On Wednesday he said he would "step away" from his two companies: CN Resources and Crandall Corporate Dieticians in Mesa, Ariz.

Crandall previously chaired Arizona’s Senate and House education committees and was the school board president for the state’s largest school district in Mesa,
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"Richard impressed me with his strong background in education policy and innovation,
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"His work with the Digital Learning Commission,
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Crandall was one of three finalists chosen by the state Board of Education for the job. The others were Tony Apostle,
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During a public meeting of the finalists last month,
Online Nike Free Run Tiffany Blue 3.5, Crandall said he was focused on technology and would not shy from wholesale changes that incorporate technology and other innovative learning methods in the classroom.

He said he was most passionate about personalized learning that customizes lessons to the needs of individual students,
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As director of the education department,
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Crandall said late Wednesday that he will fly to Cheyenne on Friday to meet with the governor and other state officials,
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"It’s a dream job. It’s going to be a treat,
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The state Board of Education and the governor’s office talked about finding ways to support teachers with technology,
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"They’re excited to be education innovators,
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